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Team spirit: Competitiveness is based on the strength of the group.

CircuitWise is founded on team spirit, integration of skills and group work. The CircuitWise family has always been aware that the basis for consolidation and development of the company lies and must lie in the joint efforts of responsible people. Many of CircuitWise actions are therefore intended to spread and improve team spirit, that helps ensure a precise and strong company identity

People: the true capital of the company.

There can be no company without people. Without the commitment, correctness, scrupulousness and professionalism of people, machines and technology would remain sterile. This is why CWC rewards the innovative input, commitment and skills of its employees and collaborators in addition to formulating update courses and professional training courses for every level and task, since every member of staff is a resource that must be appropriately supported and valorized.

Professional Service Contract Levels:


Platinum Service Level - Advanced Service Solutions.

Platinum members enjoy all levels of our top of the line Service Contracts. We provide an advanced solution catered for clients that prefer a single entity for all their service needs. This service is usually a favorite among our large business entities that prefer to spend their time better served with more critical corporate affairs than, worrying about who are they are going to contact for all their facilities needs. [...]


Gold Service Level - Managing & Fine Tuning.

The Gold level members takes advantage of everything that the Silver level has to offer, With additional services that include; Taking control of all systems by re-configuring any necessary equipment that may need immediate attention to better meet your needs, Make vital repairs that will ensure you’re getting the most of your investment. [...]


Silver Level - Managing & Fine Tuning .

Early detection is the key to avoid costly down time. Prevention is the first step in securing the longevity of all the Systems and Equipment continuous operation. With the platinum plan we come out to your location and asses all your systems and provide you with a complete and detail report categorizing all issues that require immediate attention. [...]

Industries served

Serving our customers

The experience of our complete team allows us to serve a wide array of industries throughout Southern California. From Commercial, Education, Industrial, Retail to Government. Through the process of project evaluation, planning and execution CircuitWise represents the ability to successfully complete the most challenging projects. CircuitWise is proven to have the capabilities to serve your needs.